The Mane Vendor

"Beauty has never been more convenient."

Welcome to The Mane Vendor
Let me introduce you to a phenomenal concept of makeup, beauty products, tools and hair extension distribution. The Mane Vendor Hair Extension Vending Machine is the world’s first ever business concept that merges hair distribution and products with modern technology. This revolutionary salon retail concierge system merges product sales with high tech automation offering salons the opportunity to provide premium quality hair extensions, makeup, beauty products, and tools to its customers. The Mane Vendor is a new and exciting company.  We have an innovative concept of reaching a demographic of top spenders in the beauty industry.  We provide beauty products to customers in a convenient location and atmosphere where they tend to purchase. Our distribution system features a state of the art automated retail concierge system that sells high-end products and digital ad space with social media interactions.
Simply put we are “The Red Box” for hair extensions and beauty products.

     We don't stop there we also have grooming machines in highly trafficked areas such as college campuses, malls, hair schools, nail salons, and airports.

Why choose The Mane Vendor / The Mane Barber?
Earn Residual Income!

Are you looking for more ways to make money? Well look around, hair extensions and protective styles are here to stay! Place a machine in a busy area or salon and earn unlimited income. We make purchasing easier and more convenient. We are the "red box" for beauty!
New layaway plan!! Get started only $5,000 down. For special promotions call us now! Own your own machine!! "Make residual income"
We place them in salons, barbershops, malls, hair schools, nail salons, and airports! We have established partnerships with the largest and most reputable companies in the world.

CALL now and speak to a representative about owning and operating your own machine! 855-626-3836
We dance to our own beat expressing our giant uniqueness!

100 new barber machines











Marketing Propelled by Data

Social Media activated machines

Build stronger brand connections through experiential marketing!

The Mane Vendor offers a full calendar of multi-platform programs and experiential opportunities that provide a deeper consumer connection. We help your brand influence what millions of women and men must have now! 
* On premise sampling distribution method dispensed via smart machine

* One piece per patron activated and dispensed in exchange for social media connection and promotion

* On screen prompt in digital ad or printed media billboard

* Data capturing process
  The Mane Vendor and The Mane Barber vending machines are placed in salons/ barbershops and heavily trafficked establishments across the country.  The machines dispense top–of-the-line grooming products to a ready made market.
        The machines are now available for advertising placement and slotting product distribution.  The Mane Vendor/ Barber offer marketers a truly unique opportunity to intercept consumers in the course of their daily lives. In this captive salon setting, advertisers have the full attention of their audience.

Who are we?

The Mane Vendor is a revolutionary salon retail concierge system that merges product sales with high tech automation offering salons and barber shops the opportunity to provide premium grooming products, and tools to its customers.
We are offering marketers and product companies an unparalleled opportunity to reach a prime target audience of well educated, affluent women and men in a captive environment. 
        Advertising options include the following:
o   Static Billboard Ad Displays
o   Video Commercials on LCD screens with social media advertising
Product Distribution include the following:
o   Shelving Preferential
o  Mass Distribution Options

What we offer?